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'I love to paint big, the bigger the better. I feel most free when painting at a larger scale, but for now my studio space is smaller than desired and so its difficult to manage my larger works. This was how the idea formed for 'The Birth of Aphrodite' I wanted to paint on a large scale, larger than I ever had before. Creating a triptych was the most convenient and fun! way to explore a larger painting. She was challenging, I created her piece by piece rather than as a whole. Colour mixing was harsh but she was definitely a labour of love. Standing infront of her completely finished, soaking in all those countless hours of work; I knew she had been worth it. The Birth of Aphrodite is one of my favourite Greek myths, it was also one of the first I ever studied and what secured mythology's place in my heart. She was the goddess of love and beauty, said to have been born from seafoam. Whilst painting this piece I was also searching for a name, in the throws of painting the delicate seafoam this was the only name that came to mind over and over. In the end I couldn't think of anything more fitting. ' Dimensions:Triptych piece. 150cmx 65cm Gallery wrapped canvas Oil on cotton canvasVarnished and signed Contact us for more information about payment plans! 

SOLD - The Birth of Aphrodite 1,2 and 3

750,00 €Price