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'Saturnalia is a Roman festival celebrated in December, its a time of gift giving and indulging in our pleasures. The festival celebrates Saturn (aka Kronos) and it was a time of complete freedom, and was described as 'the best of days' this is what I wanted to bring to the Saturnalia Collection which is also my last collection of 2019. The aim was to experiement with colours and giving myself the challenge of mixing each pallete with the three primary colours, and then using the colours I create the scene. I didnt want to use the same pallete for each piece, I wanted complete freedom to create and expand my skill. The results have become some of my favourite paintings of 2019 and I hope you will agree'


Orders must be made before December 6th to ensure their arrival before Christmas.


'Poseidon' oil on woodboard,15x20cm, signed varnished and ready to hang. 


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    We understand that buying art online can be a scary experience and so please feel free to ask us for more pictures or even videos of the piece you have your heart set on. We are more than happy to help.