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For the first time in a few weeks I sat down to paint and just went with the flow, there was no planning, just my colour pallete and a few new brushes. The last few weeks of 2019 hve been trying, I've felt more powerless than any other time in my life and so I wanted to create something powerful, I wanted to gain some control back and I'm so excited and happy with the result.


I got completemy lost in her movement and foam there must be around 15 layers of oil colours, without a plan I was free to adjust her in any way I wanted and this itself was so freeing.


I decided to name her 'Philomena' as it translates to 'Lover of strength' and I don't think I could have picked a better name.


30x40cm Oil on Woodboard 


250,00 €Price
  • Returns are not accepted except in the unlikely case that the painting is damaged during shipping, in that case you must photograph the damage to your purchase and return to us within 21 days. We will refund the shipping cost and refund the  total amount unless you choose to switch for another piece.