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‘Minerva’- unlike her Roman counterpart, was born from a chilly day in the south of France last Christmas. While driving along the South Coast of France, we stopped the car and jumped out to take photographs of the most beautiful sunset I've ever seen. It felt almost like fate, not in some miraculous biblical sense, just a set of small actions that lead me to that exact spot, with those exact rocks, and foamy sea that glistened with light. It truly was the most perfect timing. Capturing photographs on my phone, I knew it right then, this was going to be the first piece of 2020. We returned home that evening and I sketched out a watercolour study and instead of deterring me, it brought me even more satisfaction and confirmed that Minerva was going to be my first painting of the year.


Studies are what we artists do to practice and study what we are about to attempt so to say. After taking the reference photo for Minerva, I just knew I needed to paint her but how? Altogether there are over 20 studies that were completed in order for me to understand how I was going to approach Minerva. I have selected five to be purchased because they are works of art within themselves and they deserve to be out in the world. I hope you love them as much as I do!


This watercolour study is 24x18cm on canson paper. Signed on the back. 


SOLD- 'Minerva' Watercolour Study 1

75,00 €Price