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The Figments Collection:-


'Looking through the very few photographs I have of my childhood (my mother was never one for saving memories) of holidays I can barely remember, posing with  faces I no longer recognise and a childhood that I sometimes think I misplaced; I realised the fragility of those photographs and the memories that they held. 


Now, in the 21st century we have a magical little box that we carry around with us, it stores hundreds of thousands of photographs and they're safe, digitalised for eternity meaning they are safe from water damage, aging and sunlight. They wont ever change  and the only way we will be able to tell years from now when the time period was that the photograph was taken will be the clothes that people are wearing, the smartphone they didnt let go of  for two seconds or the time stamp that is automatically applied and easily found when you click 'info' (no need to grab a pen and write the date, place and time on the back anymore!).


Theres hardly any new photo albums being made right now with that acid free paper that tries to evade the eventual decay, the yellowing of the paper and fading of faces you no longer know. These are things that get my heart racing, the fragility of those memories and how you used to be able to hold them directly in your hand to be held safe or lost along with the memory.


Old photographs act the same as memories, eventually they fade into nothing or become ruined through carelessness. That's what I was hoping to use in this collection. I wanted to create pieces that resembled old photographs and the memories they hold. Each piece is a figment of my imagination, I used no reference pictures only what I think are memories. I wanted to create a feeling of familiarity with each scene to every viewer, perhaps you've been there before? But where was that exactly? Is it your memory? Or is it mine?


Every Piece (hopefully!) feels like an old friend, who's (just like a photograph) has over time, faded into a memory.'


Figment: 'a thing that someone believes to be real but that exists only in their imagination.'


Images are slightly blurred for copyright purposes, If you wish to see more pictures of this piece please feel free to send me a message!


Shipping times are around 2 weeks due to the nature of oils and their drying time. I will be shipping orders for christmas up until the 6th of December for countires outside of Europe and the 11th of december for european countries.

Any orders placed after that date have no guarentee of arrival before the 25th!

Elena is oil on cotton canvas, shes varnished and ready to hang.


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  • Every piece is packaged with love and care to ensure a safe arrival, however once theyre handed to our shipping company its out of our hands and therefore I do accept returns if the item is damaged through shipping, photographs of the piece are required and they must be sent back within 14 days of recieving the item. 

    Every sale is final.

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