For the Creatives:

Starting my own art business was daunting, there is  so much information to digest and not a clear set of rules to go through; add in a lot of social media creatives trying to sell information to you and it all becomes a huge mess of confusion.


That's why I've decided to try to help, I'll upload a few resources here that are FREE and always will be. I'm no expert but I've been through a lot of the hurdles creatives face during the first few years of trying to sell art. 

Here's my promise, I'll share as much as I can about my own experience and what I've learned and I will never ask for payment. I just genuinely want to help. and if I can help one fellow creative in this process I'll be on top of the world! 

Feel free to share the resources with fellow creatives, but please remember to mention me when doing so. 


Things to do when business is slow or you're stuck at home due to a pandemic (Because YES this is the world we live in now!):

You love an artwork, but it’s already been sold?

Good news! I conduct commissioned work. I can create a custom-made artwork for you, inspired by what you liked about the piece. 

Click the button below to find out more about the process...

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